Day 578

    Random / Interesting

    !Bernard Moitessier’s tomp is Bernard Moitessier’s tomb.

    Intellij idea source code navigation

    • ` to navigate to last edited location

    … though most of this is helpfully configurable in ideavim; esp: map <leader>b :action GotoDeclaration<CR>1 for “go to declaration”, which is <Alt+B> in vanilla ideavim. I should track things I use my mouse for most often and replace them with ideavim shortcuts.

    Lenovo Thinkpad disable Fn key

    Nice that I don’t have to use BIOS for this. <Fn+Esc> disables Fn key functionality.

    Day 577

    Random / books / to read

    Mediawiki change allowed filetypes

    $wgFileExtensions = [
        'png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 

    Day 576

    Random / interesting / English

    • Avunculicide is the act of killing an uncle. First heard on Brooklyn 99, S5:E3

    Day 575

    Intellij idea run class with cursor

    The small “play” symbols to the left on some classes can be run w/ <C-S-F10> if cursor is on them currently.

    Java supports labels!

    Java label? Outer, middle, inner - Stack Overflow

        for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
            for (j = 0; j < 100; j++) {
                if (i % 20 == 0) {
                    break someLabel;

    Used to tell break/continue.. which loop to act on.

    Random / style / writing

    Calling your example classes as something that might be interpreted as a keyword of the language you are writing a tutorial about is a bad idea. (Outer here: Java Nested Classes)

    Java collections

    Java Collections Tutorial is a really nice tutorial by the author of the other java really nice tutorial I’ve been following.

    Day 574

    Python do something based on probability

    python - True or false output based on a probability - Stack Overflow mentions a really neat idea:

    def decision(probability):
        return random.random() < probability

    Day 572


    TODO finally read the man page and learn to use it right, esp. splitting; look at history for the usual things I do manually (esp. moving back starting time)


    In my daily file, I need a better vim shortcut not to move lines to the very bottom, but to the beginning of the following day (===), should be easy - TODO

    Day 571

    Intellij idea breakpoints with no executable code

    So here’s a nice difference w/ Python - in Python, you can set breakpoints everywhere, and you can add something random after the line you want to look at if it’s the last line of the function. In java, I assume some pointless lines are optimized away or considered uninteresting, but you can set a breakpoint to the } bracket and the end of the function if it’s on a line alone.

    (Have yet to find a way to nicely output multiple values in the debugger though.)

    Intellij idea “Execute code” during debugging

    What I could do in Python with 2, 3, 'test', function() I can do in Java by returning an array or whatever, with

    Object[] t = {1, 3, 5, "whatever"}

    Which is nicely covered by this Live template:

    Object[] t = {

    that I run via exe<Tab>

    Day 570


    Did a lot of python, pandas, jupyter and enjoyed it so much that did not write any of the things I learned here, now they are lost forever. :’C

    Sonderurlaub / Germany / Bureaucracy

    Sonderurlaub: Anspruch bei Hochzeit, Todesfall & Umzug | - doesn’t get counted in the the number of days for ‘usual’ vacations.

    • Geburt des eigenen Kindes – 1 Tag
    • Tod des Ehepartners bzw. eingetragenen Lebenspartners – 2 Tage
    • aus betrieblichen Gründen erforderlicher Umzug in eine andere Stadt – 1 Tag
    • beim 25-jährigen und beim 40-jährigen Arbeitsjubiläum – 1 Tag
    • bei schwerer Erkrankung eines im Haushalt lebenden Angehörigen – 1 Tag/Jahr
    • bei schwerer Erkrankung eines Kindes, welches das 12. Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet hat – bis zu 4 Tage/Jahr
    • zwingende ärztliche Behandlung, die nicht außerhalb der vereinbarten Arbeitszeiten erfolgen kann – Dauer ergibt sich aus An- und Abfahrtszeiten plus Behandlungszeit 1

    First time I’ve seen anchors in real life

    The copied link was:,-Die%20Entscheidung%2C%20den&text=Zwar%20erw%C3%A4hnt%20%C2%A7%20616%20BGB%20die%20Hochzeit%20nicht%20ausdr%C3%BCcklich%20als%20Freistellungsgrund.&text=Nicht%20nur%20f%C3%BCr%20die%20eigene,Die%20Silberhochzeit%20(25.) which of course broke the Markdown. TODO update ym qutebrowser keybinding to remove stuff starting with … #:~: maybe?

    Day 569

    Jupyter Notebook vim plugin copypaste

    Things that I selected with vim keybindings can be copypasted with usual qutebrowser keybindings (or mouse).

    Libreoffice calc search by regex

    You can do it if you go in the find-and-replace dialog. Checkbox -> search all

    Inverse regex

    .. is surprisingly hard and implementation-dependant. You can always iterate and look for the not-matched things. [^aeo] doesn’t really work for capturing groups.

    Day 568

    Random / TODO / Linux

    I should really rewrite my timer function to be a) Python, b) better than the current version.

    # Timer in zsh
    tm() {
        local DATE=$(date +'%H:%M:%S %d/%m')
        local N="$1"; shift
      (utimer -c > ~/s/sounds/outbash $N && mpg123 -q ~/s/sounds/tib.mp3  &
          zenity --info --title="Time's Up" --text="${*:-BING} \n\n $DATE")

    utimer seeing minutes as m while everyone else (timew especially) wanting minutes as min makes me crazy.

    Intellij idea

    I can remove the tree of files by doubleclicking the tabs!

    Intellij idea debugging paste

    <Ctrl-Shift-V> gives a nice choice of things to paste, first thing being the current content of the buffer. The others I assume are historical.

    Quotes in german / Random / Interesting / TODO

    punctuation - What is the correct way to denote a quotation in German? - German Language Stack Exchange TODO read

    Day 567

    Intellij idea almost-tree tabs

    In Tabs Config you can select a small font for them and move them to the left instead of top.

    Day 564

    Intellij idea project dependencies / maven / magic

    I had two projects, one used code from the other one. The other one is also compiled jars gotten via maven. Had an issue that it used the maven one instead of the manually imported one I wanted it to use, even though Ctrl+Click took me to the ‘right’ directory with the files I wanted it to see.


    Day 563

    Work / OCR

    Paper about the common OCR errors, containing statistical info about them and having nice clear lists w/ probabilities.


    Day 562

    Random / podcasts / quotes

    • MLOps. Entwurf, Entwicklung, Betrieb – INNOQ
    • Unix culture values code which is useful to other programmers, while Windows culture values code which is useful to non-programmers. 1

    • Crippleware - Wikipedia means that “vital features of the program such as printing or the ability to save files are disabled until the user purchases a registration key”

    Day 561

    Random / interesting

    Third-party doctrine - Wikipedia - is a United States legal doctrine that holds that people who voluntarily give information to third parties—such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and e-mail servers—have “no reasonable expectation of privacy.”


    Day 557

    Timewarrior / timew

    If I track something tagged ‘daily’ it sees it as <duration> and I get syntax error.


    Day 556

    Random / Interesting / patterns

    “If it takes water lilies that double their spread every day 50 days to cover the entire lake, on what day would they cover a half of that lake?”

    The answer, obviously, is day 49. More to the point, day 45 would have had only seen the lilies cover 3,125% of the lake. Day 40 would have had been 0,0976% - from that little of an amount, the lilies would proceed to take over the entire lake in 10 more days.

    So, it’s the same way with this pandemic. I think there now enough of an evidence from anywhere in the world to say that absent an (effective, early) intervention to lower R0 inside the country, it takes about 3,5 months for the virus to blow up into a devastating contagion. 1


    Day 555

    Java jar/fatjar shaded dependency

    libraries - What is a shaded Java dependency? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

    Shading dependencies is the process of including and renaming dependencies (thus relocating the classes & rewriting affected bytecode & resources) to create a private copy that you bundle alongside your own code.


    Day 554

    Intellij / Java / Maven

    • $JAVA_HOME does not get necessarily set and has to be set in maven runner settings (Build/exec/dev -> build tools -> maven), or in environment variables.
    • Maven goals’ order sometimes matters (who knew)

    Day 553


    • subsume - Wiktionary
      • To place (any one cognition) under another as belonging to it; to include or contain something else.
      • To consider an occurrence as part of a principle or rule; to colligate
    • crass - Wiktionary - Lacking finesse; crude and obvious.