My name is Serhii Hamotskyi aka pchr8. This is a place where I gather the (very) different things I do. (More about me on the About page.)

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Location: Merseburg, DE

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I am reachable at:
Telegram: @pchr8
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Email: pchr8@anche.no
LinkedIn: Serhii Hamotskyi

Goodreads, Wikipedia, Reddit.

My Telegram Channel: @solomka_chai. Also, the Google Scholar with my one paper.


Things I have finished, abandoned or am working on right now.

  • Gesturehand (my research paper as presented at FedCSIS 2017) - a shorthand system and a framework for creating symbols and alphabets according to given criteria and medium (touchpads, joysticks, eye-tracking, ...).
  • Pchr8board, formerly known as Left-hand Mirrorboard layout for Dvorak - a layout for typing with the left hand on a Dvorak keyboard, using Randal Munroe's "Mirrorboard" idea.
  • Tharmas -- my Bachelor's thesis. An algorithm, a set of Python scripts, a server in Django and a WebExtension for Firefox for steganographically hiding small texts in HTML-pages using empty lines, using PRNGs and Shamir's secret sharing algorithm. Currently working on an updated implementation without the Django backend.
  • Semantic Mediawiki Bookmarklets - some javascripts and Mediawiki templates that I use to add links to my links wiki.
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