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Mnemonic major system - Wikipedia

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No.	Sound(s)	Memory jogger
0	z,s	'z' sound for zero
1	t,d	't' and 'd' both have just one downstroke
2	n	'n' has two downstrokes
3	m	'm' has three downstrokes
4	r	four ... ends in the 'r' sound
5	l	roman numeral for 50 is L
6	j,sh,ch,soft g	'j' reversed is something like a 6
7	k,q,hard c or g	'k' looks like it can be formed from two 7s
8	f,v	handwritten 'f' can look like an 8
9	p,b	'p' reversed is like a handwritten number 9 
–	vowel sounds, w,h,y	These sounds can be used anywhere without changing a word’s number value.

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