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Hello! I'm exploring this wiki as a possibility for bookmarking and/or Personal knowledge management. Things may break, disappear or explode at any time, as with anything on *.pchr8.net/*.

The last created pages are on Special:Newestpages;
Using contains basic things I'm likely to forget (Markup, Syntax, Style guide, taxonomy, ...).



Random bits

Links database

The core of this wiki. For now, this wiki will be divided into the following very broad intersecting areas (only most important categories shown):


  • Taxonomy - meta-category about ways to organize things (List of examples, ...)
  • To read - for when I'm bored.
  • In progress
  • Bits and pieces - Small things not fitting anywhere else
  • Dump - Things which need to be sorted in relevant categories or otherwise reworked. Also see Category:TODO
  • Read books - notes from the books I read.
  • Not a link - pages which are not built around a single link. The actual "Knowledge management" part


  • Uni
  • Personal - Things relevant me, my projects, configs, ...

We'll see how this goes.


Todo: system for quotes, probably using the exact same category system. I'll just add another category or namespace? To fix:

  1. SyntaxHighlight
  2. Automatically replace the "|"s' in the titles and names; also all the characters outlined in https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Page_title Here are the current scripts
  3. Selected text on a page should go in the newly created page, after "----", to signal to the transforming script that those are not the categories anymore, but just additional text. Or at least update the bookmark to support that additional text
  4. Fix it not always recognizing Wikipedia links as valid links
  5. Make it automatically work with "="s with it being used as a variable (See � https://www.pchr8.net/f/index.php/Using#Additionally)
  6. 4) Google Analytics
  7. Make it work with empty titles (using link instead of title, prolly; but what to do with special characters? Or just asking in a prompt)
  8. Update to new version to sort the "'"s in title and infinite redirect bug out

Far away: do an extension with an overlay, where you enter everything or accept defaults by pressing "Enter", then confirm (kinda like the adduser utility combined with sth a la Guake terminal) or edit, and it gets sent here automagically.

Some data mining could also be interesting. Creation of categories vs addition of pages/links, generally analyzing category sizes (keeping in mind that I'm the one semantically defining the categories, which means "there more pages in category X than in category Y" doesn't work; also the more interesting an area is, in more categories I'm likely to divide it), time of addition => time when I'm most likely to procrastinate, etc etc etc