A Message no ENTP Wants to Hear... : entp

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A Message no ENTP Wants to Hear... : entp

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I've noticed that the ENTP archetype is highly valued within the MBTI community, and a lot of people view ENTP strengths as something to aspire to. ENTP weaknesses (especially in ENTP online communities) are typically viewed as idiosyncrasies no one else can fully relate to.

But here's the truth:

The majority of any personality type will NOT amount to much (in the bigger picture). This applies doubly to ENTPs, who pride themselves on being scatter-brained adventurers. The problem is, ENTPs are the most likely to justify their inadequacies and sell themselves short.

Are you an ENTP who can't finish anything you start? That's okay, because that's just who you are. You're obviously just too eccentric and smart for the system. The system DOESN'T UNDERSTAND YOU.

Are you an ENTP who utilizes debate tactics to the point of pissing everyone off? Good! It doesn't mean you're an antisocial asshole who can't meet people where they're at -- it just means you're more HONEST AND INTELLECTUAL than everyone else.

Are you an ENTP who can't commit to anything? That's okay -- you're just more OPEN MINDED than everyone else. Fuck commitment and depth; ENTPs are just BUILT to EXPLORE POSSIBILITIES!!!!LOLZ!!!


If you're an ENTP, you're going to be pulled in a hundred different directions at once. Not only are you going to have many different interests, you're also going to have a lot of raw talent at your disposal. This means you have the POTENTIAL to excel at different areas of interest, although specialization is your weak point. To commit to one or two primary career paths will seem like spiritual suicide; How could you possibly settle for just ONE THING???!!111

But let's not kid ourselves:

ENTPs usually settle for mediocrity. ENTPs rationalize their inability to follow-thru with vague appeals to their innate nature.

The reality is this:

If you don't learn how to FOCUS, SACRIFICE, and COMMIT, you're always going to be the pathetic "idea guy" who gets by via raw talent, but never pushes himself/herself fully.

The anecdote to ENTP weakness is this:

-    Spend several years exploring your talents and proclivities. Don't commit. Just explore. But do this consciously -- take note of what you excel at and what you fail at.

    Don't be afraid of limits -- if you're naturally better at certain things, make note of this. If you suck at certain things, learn how to compensate. But once you've explored enough, it's time to limit your potential paths in life down to 2-3.

-    Limit yourself and set goals. Once you've established your natural talents and proclivities, start making goals and STICKING TO THEM. Acute awareness of opportunity costs and fear of missing out will plague you, but that's okay -- you can't do everything at once. Double-down at what you're good at, because if you don't, you'll just be a dog chasing his/her tail. COMMIT TO A PATH and let distracting opportunities dissolve in your periphery (it's okay -- you can't have everything).

-    Optimize. Optimize constantly. Once you have a good thing going, don't stop when you're bored --- OPTIMIZE. Figure out how you can streamline and/or outsource the boring parts of your daily routine to maximize the amount of time you spend brainstorming Bigger Picture solutions to problems. NEVER ignore the details -- just make them manageable.

-    Don't chase dreams. Fuck your dreams and fantasies. Unless you have actionable strategies for accomplishing your vision, fuck you. You'll talk a big game to people who don't know you; everyone who knows you will understand you're all talk and no action. This pattern will repeat itself until you're in your mid 30s and sick of doing nothing your life, at which point you'll double-down on routine and boring procedures which allow you to rise within whatever dominance hierarchy you've managed to settle in (and I promise you it won't be one you truly want). If you want to avoid this issue, accept that whatever path you commit to will require attention to detail and follow-through that will initially drive you insane. The positives? If you're able to master boredom, you can actually begin to utilize your creative nature to propel yourself forward in whatever area interests you.

Just don't think for a second you're "too unique for society." You're not too unique -- you're just lazy, unfocused, and arrogant.

Focus on your weaknesses and put yourself through hell sooner than later.