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Metasystem transition - Wikipedia

Evolutionary Quanta

The following is the classical sequence of metasystem transitions in the history of animal evolution according to Turchin, from the origin of animate life to sapient culture:

  1. Control of Position = Motion: the animal or agent develops the ability to control its position in space
  2. Control of Motion = Irritability: the movement of the agent is no longer given, but a reaction to elementary sensations or stimuli
  3. Control of Irritability = Reflex: different elementary sensations and their resulting actions are integrated into a coordinated, but still rigid, reflex-like behavior
  4. Control of Reflex = Association: behavioral routines become flexible or adaptive, through the learning of new associations between experienced stimuli and actions
  5. Control of Association = Thought: new routines no longer need to be learned through experience; they can be developed by abstract, symbolic reasoning
  6. Control of Thought = Culture: symbols and concepts are no longer fixed entities; they adapt through a process of cultural evolution