That was harder than expected. Sadly couldn’t document it as I was doing it.

Audio – install pulse, use it as a default device, otherwise ALSA will have problems playing sounds at the same time. Additionally, devices are hard. HDMI seems to be my new default device, changed that in /etc/asound.conf. I’m not even sure what exactly of what I did helped at this point, sadly.

pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm {
        @func getenv
        vars [ ALSAPCM ]
        #default "hw:Generic"
        default "pulse"
  • Moved i3 configs to .i3/
  • Needed to install gvim so that I’d have access to the system clipboard from vim.
  • Needed to add $HOME/.gem/ruby/2.5.0/bin' to my $PATH` in .zsh

Telegram adds a .desktop file after the first run based on where it is, so I had to change ~/.local/share/applications/telegramdesktop.desktop the lines TryExec and Exec.