Well, first of all, today I installed Jekyll and started writing this DTB :) I’ll be using the minimal vanilla theme, I don’t think I’ll need much more. This will be backed up in github, and in general I think it’s a win/win thing on all possible fronts.

Also today I’ll be reinstalling my Arch Linux, from a working arch Linux installation. I’ll be documenting here the process so I won’t have to google it for the third time later.

I’ll also (finally!) fix the following:

  • fix all my configs so that they are optimal and readable
    • especially the vim and i3 configs!
  • better keyboard layout with explicit ru/ua thing to make my life easier.
  • make the zsh statusbar count my taskwarrior todos by better tags. I’m currently using this excellent approach.

As I’m also learning Markdown, I’ll be using this as a reference.

Installing Arch from an existing installation

I needed to install arch-install-scripts; after this I mounted the filesystems and followed the Arch wiki pacstrap gethsemane_root base base-devel

After that, just the wiki without too many changes. `````````````````