• Why does Telegram open files in different programs than Telegram? Look again into xdg and the different mechanisms for this.
  • I should try to make a Rührei sometime.
  • And at this point I think I should remove the ‘purely technical’ part from the blog description, since until now there was more cooking than solved technical problems.
    • DONE
  • I should buy a garment steamer! Dampfglätter

DNB and typing

  • d3b 43% Thu 31 Jan 2019 08:36:05 AM CET
  • d3b 36% Thu 31 Jan 2019 08:40:41 AM CET

  • 87 WPM 97.2%
  • 96 WPM 98.7%
  • 101 WPM 98.5%


Updated my timer script, now it outputs the time when the timer was set along with the reminder.

tm() {
    local N="$1"; shift
  (utimer -c > ~/s/sounds/outbash $N && mpg123 -q ~/s/sounds/tib.mp3  &
      zenity --info --title="Time's Up" --text="${*:-BING} \n\n $(date +'%H:%M:%S %d/%m')")

\n for the newline, $() to insert command output in variable (though if I understand right backticks would have also worked), and date’s format because I will probably remember the year.

EDIT Doesn’t output the date when the timer was set, only when executed :C Need to move it to its own variable, I gues TODO for tomorrow. EDIT2 DONE!

tm() {
    local DATE=$(date +'%H:%M:%S %d/%m')
    local N="$1"; shift
  (utimer -c > ~/s/sounds/outbash $N && mpg123 -q ~/s/sounds/tib.mp3  &
      zenity --info --title="Time's Up" --text="${*:-BING} \n\n $DATE")


The googletrans python module uses Google Translate’s web api to translate text. Look extremely useful, I should make a small CLI script for this. I seem to translate random stuff quite often.


  • der ZAhler — whoever pays. Der ZÄhler — counter.


Good ol’ alternative productivity. Getting lots of stuff done, but nothing important. Reddit

Digitaltechnik exam finished!

Here’s a really nice burndown about the states of every single project in the history of humanity: