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I discovered https://hckrnews.com/, its “top-10%” setting is awesome.


  • Finally learn English apostrophes
  • It would also be interesting sometime later to analyze the words used in these entries


I feel like being obsessed with anything automatically makes it unattainable. It’s like the universe saying, “ you’re not behaving in a healthy way so you have not earned it being yours.” Its a handy way to keep myself in check. (Reddit.


Finally figure out the Unterschied between the words Unterschied u. Unterschiedlichkeit From this German StackExchange answer:

  • Anders
    • Only word that works alone, without saying different from what
    • Der Hund is anders; der andere Hund.
  • Unterschiedlich
    • An important but small attribute that makes things different that you want to accentuate:
      • Wuffi und Kläffi sind unterschiedlich. Sie unterscheiden sich an den Ohren: Wuffi hat Stehohren, Kläffi hat Schlappohren.
  • Verschieden
    • Just different, without any specifics.
      • Natürlich sind Kläffi und Törti verschieden! Es sind schließlich verschiedene Rassen!

Not from dict.cc, but from my intuition:

  • die Unterschiedlichkeit – the difference in a more abstract meaning.
  • der Unterschied – the difference – especially one in particular.

Mechanical keyboards

Here are tips on how to improve ergonomics for better typing speed and comfort. TL;DR raise my wrists and lower my table/keyboard till I get a >90C angle.