screen naming screens

Screens named with screen -S myname and attached by screen -r myname - tab completion works with screen -r!

Taskwarrior list unfinished tasks created more than 2 weeks ago

entry is the time the task was created. So:

task all sprint:$SPRINT status:pending entry.before:eow-3wk tags.not:s,end,tags,description,Done,Tags,Description rc.verbose:label,blank is what I’ll use in SIOM.

Google calendar has shortcuts!

I missed this all my life.

  • j/k work predictably.
  • t Today
  • g Go to date
  • c create

Tensorflow GPU use

If more than 1 GPU are visible, tensorflow will take some memory on all of them, even if its actively using only one. Restricting visibility the usual way helps.