History is happening

Hilariously aggressive Covid-19 propaganda banners in China - SupChina

Not gathering for a feast is so you can eat in the future, Not visiting others is so you still have relatives in the future

Everyone you encounter on the streets now is a wild ghost seeking to take your life

Stay in and don’t wander around, You have AC, television, and wifi as your friends

Kitty zoom (=change font size)

To zoom in/out in Kitty:

map ctrl+shift+equal change_font_size all +1.0
map ctrl+shift+minus change_font_size all -1.0

Fiamma qutebrowser userscript

Edited the userscript to pass selected text as a third parameter to the NewLink template, to which I added the third parameter, and removed the automatic closing of the window from the vim macro.

i3 keybindings to move to / select a screen / output

# focus outputs
bindsym $ms+o focus output DP-1-1
bindsym $ms+e focus output HDMI-2
bindsym $ms+u focus output eDP-1

Disable GPU in Tensorflow via environment variable

How to disable GPU with TensorFlow? - Data Science Stack Exchange

import os
os.environ["CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES"] = "-1"

.. or set it from outside the script.

tf.shape(x) vs x.shape

..is 1 hour 58 minutes of debugging if it’s inside of a dataset.map(). It seems to return None inside .map(), and None==1 is False instead of an exception.