Bash print full path to a file

I’m so glad this exists and I don’t have to do pwd+ls+copypaste anymore!

# realpath example.txt

Not a default shell built-in, readlink -e (or -m or -f) does the same.

(shell - bash/fish command to print absolute path to a file - Stack Overflow)


Moses was fond of repeating at this time a quote often used in Albany. “You can get an awful lot of good done in the world if you’re willing to let someone else take the credit for it.” (The power broker by Robert A. Caro, p.315)

xclip using it right

Copy and paste at the Linux command line with xclip |

The line is yourcommand | xclip -sel clip which is aliased to xc, so yourcommand | xc.

scp port forwarding

If I have something running on servername:6006 reachable only from (on the server itself), I can do this: ssh -L 4000: servername

Which makes it available for me from my localhost as

To check if the thing running on servername can be reached from outside, netstat -tulpen

A Guide to SSH Port Forwarding/Tunnelling - Boolean World

qutebrowser tabs width

Added this to qutebrowser’s, two keybindings to make the tabs width smaller and back, to save screen space.

config.bind('<Ctrl-L>', 'set tabs.width 10%;; set tabs.favicons.scale 0.8;; set tabs.indicator.width 0;;set tabs.title.format {index}:{current_title}')
config.bind('<Ctrl-R>', 'set tabs.width 20%;; set tabs.favicons.scale 1;; set tabs.indicator.width 2;;set tabs.title.format {audio}{index}: {current_title}')


tetchy - “Easily annoyed or irritated; peevish, testy or irascible.”


Lost in Larrimah - Whooshkaa has 6 episodes 20 mins each and it sounds interesting.

Python formatting

PyFormat: Using % and .format() for great good! is a website dedicated completely to Python formatting that I could read through someday.

History is happening

Tutto bene (from Coronavirus: Italy bans any movement inside country as toll nears 5,500 | World news | The Guardian)