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Mediawiki + SMW update

This was so so so easy, oh my God. Even though I was updating basically everything from a very old version, to a different PHP and MariaDB version.

TL;DR move files, install manually my one extension needed, export/import mysql table data, point the wiki to the newly created table/db, run php maintenance/update.php and it just magically took care of everything. Only gotcha was that I forgot the db prefix, which gave me DBQueryError after restore; error in update.php on Project:Support desk, solved with the first google result. This was so much easier than expected.

EDIT2 - forgot about Extension:ParserFunctions - MediaWiki, and a couple of smaller ones. So:

# End of automatically generated settings.
# Add more configuration options below.

wfLoadExtension( 'ParserFunctions' );


EDIT3: Had to move the /images/ folder with its content. To check for them, Gallery of new files - Fiamma works

Now live again at

EDIT4: properties seem to be broken and capitalized, which makes semantic search unusable. I’ll deal with it later.

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zsh setting and checking environment variables

If I do: export PYTHON_PATH=$(pwd), then check it via $PYTHON_PATH hoping to see something like:\ zsh: command not found: Fr 20. Mär 19:48:01 CET 2020 - this won’t happen, as this is a path, and the result would be same as cd $PYTHONPATH, therefore outputting nothing and leaving me with the impression that the value was not being set.