Delete files older than X days/hours via linux find

Also relevant is mtime, ctime, and atime - modification time, change time, access time.

mtime changes when you write to the file. It is the age of the data in the file. Whenever mtime changes, so does ctime. But ctime changes a few extra times. For example, it will change if you change the owner or the permissions on the file.

Tensorflow disable verbose logging; set environment variables before running script in Linux

TF_CPP_MIN_LOG_LEVEL=3 python3 does the magic needed

Qutebrowser open in new tab

Inserted the following in config.bind('a', 'set-cmd-text -s :open -t'), to make a an alias for O

Linux find parents of a process

This is really really neat when running shell scripts that run other shell scripts etc. ps fax gives a nice tree. Can be combined with other stuff, so ps faux also works. TODO actually read through the man pages about this.