tf.squeeze to remove dimensions of [1]

If I had a tensor of dimension [1, 2, 3], tf.squeze() would turn it into [2, 3]. tf.squeeze  |  TensorFlow Core r1.14  |  TensorFlow.

It removes any dimensions of shape 1 it finds. If I provide an axis parameter, it will only look at that dimension.


fixum – a fixed pay.
Elided - definition of elided by The Free Dictionary tr.v. e·lid·ed, e·lid·ing, e·lides

    a. To omit or slur over (a syllable, for example) in pronunciation.
    b. To strike out (something written).
    a. To eliminate or leave out of consideration.
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First seen as “[elided 10 identical lines from previous traceback]” in Tensorflow/Python

Learning Tensorflow

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