• Make finally a uniform and nice vim/bspwm/… keybinding system.
  • Learn vim formally, all movements and everything, and get rid of my “vim antipatterns”


Vim digraphs

:digraphs to see the available digraphs. <C-k>+%digraph% inserts it. For example, <C-k>+Pd → £

Vim movements

  • '. - move to last modified line.
  • D - delete everything until the end of the line.
  • C - change everything until the end of the line
  • U - undo all changes to this line
  • S - substitute everything inside this line
  • <C-a> - increment number at character
  • <C-x> - decrement number at character
  • F/f – move to prev/next occurrence of character
  • T/t – move to before prev/next occurrence of character

Learn to use my ;->: mapping