• I should create additional vim maps for a better way to access other registers. I should create at least one more p/y/yy/d/dd commandd set for them and keep them separatee from the main ones.
    • Or just let vim have it’s own copy/paste registers and make pasting the OS ones a special case


In college, I ran a painting business. Every painter I hired had to buy their own brushes. This was one of the first things I learned. Throwing a standard brush at new painters didn’t work. The “company” brushes were quickly neglected and degenerated into a state of disrepair. But painters who bought their own brushes took care of them. Painters who bought their own brushes learned to appreciate the difference between the professional $20 brush they owned and cheap disposable dollar store brushes. Having their own brush engendered a sense of enduring responsibility and craftsmanship. (from Codinghorror “The Programmer’s Bill of Rights)

rsync progress based on all files with pv

Allegedly there’s an official way, though I could not get it working: rsync -a --info=progress2 src dest What works is the second answer: rsync -aix /source remote:/dest | pv -les $(df -i /source | perl -ane 'print $F[2] if $F[5] =~ m:^/:') >/dev/null, and the general way rsync -ai /source remote:/dest | pv -les [number of files] >/dev/null.

To find number of files in general, ` find /source wc -l`.