Technical writing errors

3 shell scripts to improve your writing, or “My Ph.D. advisor rewrote himself in bash.” is an excellent description of typical errors in technical writing. One of the pages I see that make me want to archive everything linked here and on the Link Wiki just in case it disappears. Also,

In that sense, peer reviewers are the guardians of the scientific community’s most limited resource: our collective attention span.


  • weasels="many|various|very|fairly|several|extremely\
    |mostly|largely|huge|tiny|((are|is) a number)\
  • passive voice
  • Duplicates


  • Should I add important quotes I want to read often in Anki instead of creating my own solution for basically the same thing?
  • Python built-ins worth learning

Language / German

  • 10-er – it’s like ‘sechziger’, ‘neunziger’ etc. - just never seen it. It works to say ‘десятки’ too (as opposed to ‘1-er’)
  • Vorkommastelle, nachkommastelle


Let the past die, kill it if you have to.