• Formalize my Sprint reviews.
  • Three works a week of PI – how do I actually keep track of this? I need an infrastructure.


Block-level attributes in Jekyll/kramdown/markdown

This describes amongth other things block-level stuff for Markdown. This is potentially a solution for different footnotes and various other small design tweak I’d like to have on this blog. I can just add a CSS class and then in CSS see what I want to do with it.

Git diff a file between revisions

git diff HEAD^^ HEAD – where HEAD^^ is “two revisions back”. Also the option --compact-summary gives number of insertions and deletions.

Anki steps

It’s an interesting thing to research someday. This discussion and similar ones can be a reference, along with looking at the graphs and targeting 80% retention.

In general I really should invest an hour or so to learn everything about Anki, so far it’s been the single most effective tool I have for my memory but am using it on a default and primitive level.

For now I changed Steps to “1 10 60” and “10 60”, new interval to 30%.

To print for The Road

    • till page 123 or so