• Remember that Eisenhower Matrix is a thing and that it used to help me quite a lot before.
  • I should formalize all the checklists I created for myself and use them.
  • Look into Energy Management vs Time management
    • etc.


  • A | character doen’t play nice with bullet point lists (*) - why?
    • Seems to be related to tables

Timewarrior “multitasking”

You can’t do simultaneous stuff, but you can have simultaneous test. From SO:

    timew start MONITORING PROJECT1 # monitoring all day, starting with project 1
    timew start MONITORING PROJECT1 PROJECT2 # adding project 2 to the pool
    timew stop PROJECT1 # done with project 1, still monitoring and working at project 2
    timew start MONITORING PROJECT2 PROJECT3 # adding project 3
    ... # something similar with PROJECT4 and PROJECT5
    timew stop # done for today

To read

The Nitrous Oxide Philosopher



“Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night.” Blake