Swagger API documentation


CURL debugging REST (with GET, PUT, etc)

curl -X PUT -F file=@/home/sh/nl http://localhost:8080/files/nll

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8080/files/nl

curl -F file=@/home/sh/nl http://localhost:8080/files/ 
(or to be precise)
curl -X POST -F file=@/home/sh/T http://localhost:8080/files/

Data is sent with -d "id=value"

Spring testing

My future client

Firefox extension bug and choosing a profile

firefox --ProfileManager opens the profile dialog.

Git add (git add * vs git add -A vs git add .)


  • git add -A stages all changes
  • git add . stages new files and modifications, without deletions
  • git add -u stages modifications and deletions, without new files

(from SO)