API Design

API Documentation

An example of how to document one

Uploading files (“Why multipart mostly sucks”)

nice, esp. their description of youtube’s resumable upload.

Java Spring @Services

This is a tutorial where they move the business logic to a @Service, which is another nice example. Also I have not seen .htm in a long time.

Test a REST API with curl

The tutorial

 curl -F file=@/home/sh/nl http://localhost:8080/upload
 curl -v localhost:8080/download/file

Curl examples is even better.
` curl -i -X POST http://localhost:8080/delete -d ‘filename=test’\\ Everything after -d` is data.

Exception handling in Sprint

A number of methods described well

Springboot install

via sdkman: sdk install springboot


pinta is a nice simple image editor for linux.

Recording terminals with asciinema

asciinema rec to start recording, Ctrl-D or exit to stop recording. It’s really really neat!