Wann vs wenn

Wann vs wenn: Wann has nothing to do with if, it’s a question asking for a point of time. Wenn is closer to “if”, but it’s also a translation for “when”.

If we can say at what point time instead of when, then we need to use wann.

Wann [=at what time/when] kommt der Bus? \ Bis wann musst du arbeiten?
Thomas fragt Maria, wann genau sie nach Hause kommt.

On the other hand,
Ich gehe nach Hause wenn[!= at what time! just the “when” closer to “if”] ich fertig bin.


A wann-clause is ALWAYS functioning as the object of the verb.. If I can replace the clause with a thing, then it’s wann.\ Wenn answers to “at what time”, we can basically replace it with “at 3 am”.

When I have finished work, I will call you and tell you when I will be at home.
When I have finished work, I will call you and tell you at what point in time I will be at home.
Wenn ich mit der Arbeit fertig bin, rufe ich dich an und sage dir, wann ich zuhause bin.
At 3 I’ll call you and tell you this thing.

Github reset (undoing last commit/s)

$ git reset --soft HEAD~1 resets to last commit without changing the actual files.
$ git reset --soft HEAD~1 resets to last commit leaving all the changes on disc, but uncommitted.
$ git reset --hard 0ad5a7a6 returns to any previous version.

.gitignore for LaTeX projects

Here, and it’s excellent. I should actually learn git in a normal systematic way. Additionally, what to do when your .gitignore is ignored by git@SO.


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