My experiences with Jupyter Notebooks, Pyplot and Sympy

As part of a course at my university, I needed to learn to do semi-basic mathematics in Wolfram Mathematica. I knew that it’s highly unlikely that I would ever use the (closed-souce, paid) program ever in the future if I’ll need to do scentific computation and/or visualization, simply because of my disliking such (closed-souce, paid) programs, and asked if I can do what was required using some different tools. For example, to see if I can use Sympy and Jupyter Notebook to do the same. Both professors agreed to this (which I really appreciated!), and I started. In this post I’ll describe my experience with Jupyter, Sympy and Matplotlib/Pyplot. If you want to follow along, the exact Notebook I use in this post is on Github, in German.

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