Stuff to learn in my free time

Один ответ на Кворе 1 стал вот последним катализатором, все это крутилось в голове уже пару лет, настало время формализировать это, пусть  с “крутилось в голове” это станет конкретным чеклистом. Потом (но потом) — конкретными планами уровня “до конца месяца я учу Х”

  1. Learning how to learn
    1. That Coursera course
    2. A couple of books on the topic
      1. Re-read “The art of learning”
  2. Mental frameworks
    1. Теория практического мышления” — законспектировать
    2. Systems theory
      1. Grok “Thinking in systems – a primer” — тоже законспектировать и запостить сюда
      2. Много думать об этом in real life, искать примеры, наблюдать за миром from the perspective of a systems theorist
    3. See and research them
      1. Make a big post here with the full list and good explanations
    4. From this answer about being an expert-generalist there’s “Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger” (goodreads)
    5. Polya — “How to solve it”
    6. Adler — “How to read a book”
    7. Game theory and rationality
      1. Lesswrong’s Core Sequence
      2. Not to learn formally, but regardless freaking interesting resources for my spare time:
        1. !
        3. !
  3. Improve my memory
    1. “The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play” 2
    2. Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve Your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge 3
  4. Productivity and stuff
    1. I hear good things about “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” (“These books should be taken together as a whole because they give you the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW for being an elite knowledge worker.”)
    2. “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”, a legend
  5. Philosophy, the very basics; Psychology, the very basics.
    1. Leaving aside the “everything worth doing is worth doing well”, my old project of “reading from the very beginning” is still okay; I’ll need time, but I will do it.
    2. BUT the absolute priority in this is to reread and rethink Seneca and Marcus Aurelius


All this on a thread by itself. I will work on my professional skills independently; that means mostly social engineering and infosec. For infosec there’s this, for SE I should at least working in my uni courses.

I mention a lot of books which, traditionally, I would need to buy in paperback to be able to highlight and write on them. Bad on finances, but the 10% rule is still with me; also, objectively/strategically speaking, it’s a very good investment in my future.

Speaking of books: (“What are some books that expand our mind”) — a very thorough answer.


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Life is a non-zero-sum game.


SIT, be still and listen,
because you are drunk
and we’re on the
edge of the roof


Be a light upon yourself.


I make my own coincidences, synchronicities, Luck and Destiny


Rule your mind, or it will rule you




Trust God and your Soul


Либерально добавлю сюда еще следующую мысль:

Ты – Человек, следовательно – Ты. Можешь. Все.



  • Programming as a way to do brilliant things.
  • Programming as an art.
  • Programming as a way to challenge my skills.
  • Programming as a way to change the world.
  • Programming as a way to be free.
  • Programming as a way to have a purpose.
  • Programming as a way not to be afraid — “Я могу все.”
  • Programming as a way to improve myself.
  • Programming to BE.
  • Programming as an awesome thing to know.
  • Programming as magic.
  • Programming as a way to solve many problems.
  • Programming as beauty.
  • Programming as learning; programming as hunger for knowledge.
  • Programming as playing God.
  • Programming as constant self-improvement.
  • Programming as mindset.
  • Programming as opportunity to understand how complex systems work.
  • Programming as opportunity to understand how complex systems can be made work differently than intended.
  • Programming as a medium of expression.

How I remapped my Caps Lock key to Ctrl and made an additional mod key out of Ctrl

The idea came to me when I realized just how unfair it is for Caps Lock, which I never use, to be much easier to press with my small finger that Ctrl. And that I could bind a lot to my former Ctrl key.


In autostart (~/.fluxbox/startup for me):

In ~/srv/mod4:

As a result:

In my .fluxbox/keys I can use mod3 for the key which used to be Ctrl:

And I can use Caps Lock as Ctrl. It really belongs more near the “a”, in my opinion. :)

The keycodes can be found via xev:


(“keycode 66” is the keycode of my Caps Lock key, which now gets recognized as Control_L.)

Boris Pasternak – February (my attempt at translating)

I remain of the opinion that translating poetry is bad. Some of the meaning is lost because the resulting verses are bound to the translator’s own interpretation of the poem (which might be not what the author meant), and cultural reasons (can’t forget the example about the Ukrainian “хліб на рушнику” and the Russian “хлеб на полотенце”).

Either way, after seeing lots of bad and fake-sounding translations of Pasternak’s beautiful “February” I decided to do my own. First attempt at translating a poem and writing poetry in English, I must admit kinda like the result :) This is a very first draft version, took me about 40 minutes.

February. Get ink, start crying!
Start crying over february
The dirt, as loud as rumbling thunder
Burns in the blackness of the spring.

Hire a buggy, for six grivnas,
Ride through the church bells, city streets
Find yourself where the rain drops louder
Louder than ink, louder than tears

Where, like black pears, burnt down to charcoal
Thousands of rooks drop from the trees
to ground, and fill your eyes and feelings
With deep dry sadness, empty pleas

Where on the ground you see thawed patches
The wind is filled with empty screams
And the more randomly the better
Those cried-out poems your heart streams.

The original. The translation I found uninspiring enough to write my own can be found there too (it’s the translation I stole the “blackness of the spring” line from, nothing else though).

I’ll definitely come back to this thing someday.

Random Linux bits and notes

За останні кілька років використання Лінуксу натрапляю на ті самі проблеми. Зараз учетверте шукав як міняти розкладку клавіатури через командну стрічку, щоб їх можна було змінювати автоматично. Сюди буду періодично кидати речі які я часто забуваю.

 1. Keyboard layout

^ Висить в автозагрузці awesomeWM. Relevant:

Now Playing: Виктор Цой – Мама – анархия

2. Autorun in AwesomeWM

Now Playing: Fabrizio De Andre’ – Dolcenera

3. Sudo


Now Playing: Coolio ft 2pac, Snoop Dogg & BIG – Gangsta’s Paradise

4. Backgrounds

Now Playing: Cake – Friend Is A Four Letter Word

5. Concentrating

Написав цей скрипт щоб міняти місцями два hosts-файли:

Вміст hosts2:

Now Playing: Radiohead – Karma Police

6. Screen Brighntness (added 06/02/2013)

Now Playing: 2pac – Ghost

Поки все. 05/01/2012. TODO: Apache/PHP/MySQL + PHPMyAdmin + XFCE + fortune/cowsay/conky + Psi-plus + TOR/I2P