Updated left-hand Dvorak Mirroboard keyboard layout! (Now with pictures!)

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I updated my left-hand Dvorak Mirrorboard layout!

You might remember my last post on the topic, with the basic use cases and reasons why I bother.

This is an updated version of the layout, which I’m using now, with a couple of changes from the previous version:

  1. Different number keys
  2. Dead diaeresis/umlaut (öäëüï) on Shift+Mod+Tab (I need to type German from time to time, strictly for personal use).
  3. Fixed bug with []{} near the “real” backspace key, now they work!


How to read the image above:





The image of the layout was done with the absolutely excellent http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com/.

Raw JSON of the layout:

Later on, when I will have time / will get inspired, I will write a general outline of my heavily modified keyboard layout, with a couple additional modifier keys, a couple of remapped keys, and how it al plays nicely with the i3 windows manager.

Up next, sometime, I should do a right-hand version. A bit less useful (still have to learn to eat with my left hand), but much more flexible in terms of functionality. I can reach much more keys with my right hand.

Over and out!


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